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"He was on time and did a great job! The kids loved it!"
 – Stephanie T.

"What a Professional, Fun, and Courteous Service! Danny showed up on time and had everything all set for our Amazing Party. The props, backgrounds, fonts were all customized to our liking and the Photo Booth added such excitement to our event. Kids and adults had a blast! Thank you!!!"
– Jill R.

"Danny did a wonderful job for our wedding. The photo booth was a huge hit amongst the guests and we got a lot of great positive feedback from our guests on Danny's patience and ability to shoot large crowds. Thx so much for helping make our wedding such a success."
 – Chantelle V.

"Everything and everyone was very professional and wonderful would recommend them for any occasion. Thanks for making my husband's 50th birthday party."
 – Gayle W.

"Excellent selection of backgrounds and props. Guest enjoyed the interactive experience of remembering their experience at the event. We appreciate the thought put into the layout of the photos printed as well!"
Susan V.

"Everyone had a great time, the photo booth was a big hit and we have lasting memories of the event and it gives us a way of remembering who was there. It is a good ice breaker and for people to have fun with others. The booth staff was very courteous, professional, lots of fun and fast with the photo developments. Would highly recommend them for any events."
 – Linda O.

...and we'd LOVE to add YOUR testimonial here!!! WHO'S NEXT?!

Fun Photo Booth.US Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much space is needed?
A: We need an approximate 15’ x 15’ area with close proximity to an electrical outlet to operate our photo booth for best results. This keeps the flow of traffic moving smoothly and avoids any cramming. At the very least, we can work with a 10’ x 10’ space.

Q: Do you cater to outdoor events?
A: Yes, as long as you provide the necessary provisions. If the event is held outdoors, we would require you to provide sufficient shelter and coverage to protect ourselves and most importantly our equipment from the elements.

Q: Can I provide my own background images instead of choosing from your gallery?
A: Yes! All we would require is that you provide us with a high resolution image of what you would like to use so we can format and size it to meet our software specifications. 150 -300 dpi resolution is highly recommended.

Q: What kind of photos do we receive at the event?
A: You will receive full color, high quality 4 x 6 prints instead of the photo strips, which are sometimes in black and white only, that other providers offer. Our photos are also comparable to photo studio quality.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of photo prints we receive during the event?
A: No! You receive UNLIMITED prints throughout the duration of your event. Every person in any session will receive their very own 4 x 6 print. For instance, if there are 5 people in a group photo, all 5 people will receive their own 4 x 6 print. And, if you, personally, are in 5 different sessions, you’d receive five 4 x 6 prints…one per session! We will also print extras if requested, and ‘bonus’ prints as well.

Q: Can we extend the time of the photo booth service during the event if needed and what would the cost be for an extension?
A: Yes! Your photo booth service may be extended at the event for an additional cost of $100 per hour, which would need to be paid prior to the extension in the form of cash, check or by using our mobile ‘PayPal Here’ service with a major credit card.

Q: Are there any travel charges?
A: Only if we have to travel more than an hour, one way, to an event. This charge will be included in your total quote. There are no travel charges for events booked within the Jacksonville / Saint Augustine area.

Q: Is there a contract and deposit required to secure our booking date?
A: Yes! A 50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to hold and secure your booking. Since we use PayPal for payment and invoicing, the invoice we issue to you also acts as a binding contract for your event. The final balance is due 30 days prior to your event.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Our primary form of payment is through PayPal accepting most major cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, however, we will also accept cash or check. Checks may be mailed to us, made out to Fun Photo Booth.US. If payment is agreed to be received on the day of the event at the event venue, it must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the photo booth service. We also have the convenience of using the ‘PayPal Here’ mobile card reader to accept major credit card payments on the spot at the event. This is also a convenient option to accept credit card payments for extended photo booth service.

Fun Photo Booth.US, Jacksonville is the perfect choice for your special event or party…

• Birthdays of all ages • Weddings • Anniversaries • Graduations • Military Homecomings • Grand Openings • Sports Parties • Halloween • Christmas • Business events • Church Ministry Fellowship • Singles Events • Fundraisers...and more!!!

At Fun Photo Booth US we provide fun, open air photo booth rentals in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. Our focus is to assure your special event is a memorable one with our personal and professional service. Our event attendants possess the perfect combination of personality and professionalism that will guarantee your special occasion to be, as we like to declare…TOTALLY PHOTO-TASTIC!!! 

Fun Photo Booth US, Jacksonville is an open-air mobile photography studio that stands out above the competition as we incorporate the latest in Green Screen removal software technology and the industry’s finest photographic, lighting and printing equipment.

Fun Photo Booth "LIVE"

We snap UNLIMITED photos of you and your guests as you pose in front or our special "Green Screen" backdrop, decorated in any of our collection of fun props, or simply posing for a portrait style picture. Individuals, couple, trios, families and groups are ALL welcome to participate. Then, the magic of our "green screen technology" will transform you and your guests into your own hand-picked background selections. We then provide each person in each photo booth session  with their very own 4 x 6 picture, printed out on the spot!

Prior to your event, you will choose up to 6 digital backgrounds from our selection of over 5,000...or provide your own!

4 x 6 Layout Photos

Single 4 x 6 Photos

We have an open photo booth that easily fits a dozen people, utilizing the latest in green screen technology .

Call: 904.372.3544

Small Set Up - 6' Wide Green Screen

Our open-air photo booth easily caters to a single person, couples, trios or a small group of people.  Up to 20 can fit in our large setup using our 10' wide curve green screen.  We never charge extra for our large setups.  Our state of the art green screen technology replaces the green screen backdrop with one of your personally selected background images from the 5000+ we have to choose from.

We capture the excitement of your event and each person in any photo session takes home a wonderful keepsake!

Large Set up - 10' Wide Green Screen

Instead of a thin strip of pictures, your guests will receive full size, full color, high quality 4 x 6 pictures...printed out in a FLASH! 

Following your event, you'll also receive an email that will include links to your own personalized online photo gallery that you can share with family and friends. Here, you'll have the options of sharing, commenting, downloading, enlarging, and purchasing any of your photos in a variety of formats, styles and keepsakes. A photo disc will also be mailed to you of all 4 x 6 layout and single photos taken at your event for you to use at your leisure, along with a special customized DVD Slideshow disc to view with family and friends for years to come.

Fun Photo Booth US is so extremely “magnetic” that anyone within “eye-shot” of the activity will enthusiastically want to be involved in the fun and laughter that our service will positively generate! 

Our Mobile "Green Screen" Photo Booth is guaranteed to exceed the expectations of you and your guests!  



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